Advisory Services

Michele is well recognized for her global expertise and sustainable and collaborative approaches to philanthropic investing.  She regularly advises public, private and non-profit entities around the world on strategic development that creates monumental and sustainable change to some of our largest global challenges.  In addition, Michele advises on partnerships and collaboration between public, private and non-profit entities to become influencers in sustainable change and social impact. 

Michele has held several globally influential leadership positions. Most recently, she served as Caterpillar’s Director of Corporate Social Innovation and President of the Caterpillar Foundation, the company’s philanthropic arm.

The video above highlight’s the Caterpillar Foundation’s innovative approach to social impact. Michele's impact can be seen in the Caterpillar Foundation’s transformation into one of the most influential corporate foundations, and ultimately, the launch of the Foundation’s collaborative impact platform known as Together.Stronger.™  During her time with the Foundation, Michele led its transformation from a transactional to a global and strategic Foundation. 


Areas of Focus